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Future Kitchens

Reading this month’s Grand Designs magazine they’ve got a section on ‘Future Kitchens’.  In the piece they showcase various stylish kitchen gadgets that are either set to revolutionize the home kitchen or simply make life that little bit easier.


Sleek designed Combination oven, Blast chiller, Vacuum sealer, Induction hob, Induction wok hob, Searing hob, Gas hob and Stand mixer for top quality, home-made food. See:


For the more traditionally minded, Aga now have a whole range of products from the famous range cookers to fridges.  The Total Control Aga range cooker featured in the magazine can be controlled via remote or mobile App and was selected by one of our clients for their traditional styled kitchen to give it that extra modern convenience. See:


For those who want top quality coffee without all the mess, the Top Brewer must be a sight to behold.  Looking like a sleek kitchen tap, all the workings are beneath the counter and its operated via App from an iPhone. See:


If you cook a lot with pans check out the zoneless induction hob from De Dietrich on which you can have up to 5 pans bubbling away at different heats and even move them around the surface whilst the hob recognizes and tracks each individual pan and its heat setting. 



The humble fridge has seen a number of adaptations in the past ranging from simple adaptable compartments to the much loved American style fridge-freezer with optional orange juice and ice cube dispensers.  Now comes a three door option with compartments accessible from both sides.  And what about the washing machine; ultimate flexibility can be had with the touchscreen ‘ecobubbleTM’. See:


What about designer extraction?  The ‘best’ is sometimes all that will do for both the style conscious chef. See:


A truly bespoke kitchen could be had if you have the money and passion for cooking to commission.  La Cornue have been making bespoke kitchen ranges since 2005 and have even got a hob designed by an architect. See:


Finally, you’ll need something equally stylish to clean all those dishes made during that Michelin style cooking extravaganza.  Then check out Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawerTM.  Sized to comfortably fit dishes for 9 place settings, it can also be partnered with additional drawers for those that have large parties to cater for.